Understand the Options for the Service Desk Service

The computer helpdesk is a support center, whose goal is to help users solve the problems they face. Most of the time, it is accessible by phone, e-mail or via the company’s website. With a quick and efficient response, wait times that usually occur when employees are busy or when services are not available can be reduced. There are three levels of intervention.

50 years ago, we talked about call center

The concept of call center appeared in the early 1960s, when technology providers are trying to resolve incidents remotely, to avoid sending a technician on site.

40 years ago, we talked about hot line

The concept of hot line, meanwhile, appeared in the early 1970s, driven by software publishers, who set up specialized telephone lines, to help with the installation and troubleshooting of a computer product or specific software.

Today, we talk about Service Desk

This concept evolved towards the notion of customerrelationship and gave birth to the ServiceDesk in 1996.

The Service Desk has evolved with the history of information systems. It will probably continue to evolve with the history of general services. You can make a visit to bpmonline.com/crm/service-desk for the best details now.

 The different levels of intervention

The IT helpdesk must propose 3 levels of intervention to be able to answer all the requests for assistance. At first, the user is in contact with a technician who will record the request, assign a reference and try to find a solution through an evolutionary knowledge base. If the problem is too complex, it redirects the call to a specialized technician who will perform a precise diagnosis and find the appropriate answer.

  • The intervention can be performed remotely if the expert has access to the platform and if the hardware is configured for this type of operation. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, the technician intervenes on the site or on the equipment in order to put it back in working order.
  • If no solution has been found, then contact a specialist. It may be a company employee or an external service provider, such as a software publisher. Thanks to technological prowess, very good software is available on the market to manage and improve IT helpdesk services.

To meet the demand of our customers for computer helpdesk, we have developed powerful software, Service Desk, which makes many improvements for both users and support teams. Thus, the former will benefit from a faster response and regular information on the evolution of the intervention. The latter will benefit from a clearer vision, thanks to a process of centralization of requests.

A diagnostic assistance service is also included and links to the management of the park, while automatically creating a knowledge base that saves valuable time when looking for solutions. You can adjust the setting of the software according to the evolution of your activity. For the management of a computer helpdesk service, it is a powerful and flexible tool.

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