Safety and Emergency Equipment

First aid kit stocked with bandages and antiseptics wipes. Also includes pain relievers.
Fire extinguisher for small fires: For use inside and outside the RV Essentials.
Emergency roadside kits: Include items like jumper cable, tire pressure gauge and reflective triangles.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: These are vital for detecting potential hazards inside the RV.
Kitchen Essentials:

Cookware: pots, pans and cooking utensils. Also, cutting boards and knives.
Portable grills or stoves: for outdoor cooking adventures.
Refrigerator or cooler: Keeps food and beverages cool during travel.
Food storage containers: Sealable food containers for storing leftovers and keeping ingredients organized.
Bedding and Linens

Sheets, pillows, and blankets: All the bedding you need for a peaceful night’s sleep.
Towels – Hand towels, kitchen towels, and bath towels for personal hygiene.
Mattress topper – Enhances comfort in RV mattresses, resulting in a more relaxing sleep.
Camping Gear

Folding chair and table: for outdoor relaxation and dining.
Lighting your campsite at night with lanterns or outdoor lighting.
Awning, or canopy: Offers protection and shade from the sun outside your RV.
Maintenance and repair supplies:

Basic toolkit – includes screwdrivers. wrenches. pliers. And ducttape for minor repairs.
RV leveling block: Use to align and stabilize your vehicle on uneven terrain.
RV-friendly Cleaning Products: Non-toxic cleaning wipes and cleaners for keeping the RV clean.
Entertainment and Connectivity

Portable electronics such as laptops, tablets or eReaders are great for staying entertained and connected on the move.
Outdoor recreation equipment, board games and other fun activities are perfect for relaxing with friends and family on a camping trip.
Personal Essentials:

Toiletries: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other personal care products.
Pack clothing and footwear for different weather conditions and outdoor activities.
Prescription medicines: Bring enough medication for your entire trip.